Many smaller businesses take on the task of cleaning their workspaces themselves, but they may eventually consider outsourcing these services. Here are three questions you should ask yourself if you're trying to decide when to hire commercial cleaning services:

1. How Often Do Outside Parties Visit Your Workspace?

Nothing turns off customers or clients more than a dirty workspace, which can also damage employee morale and productivity. A dirty workspace sends out a message that no one cares about the needs of your employees and visitors.

2. How Well Are You Cleaning Your Workspace Right Now?

The bigger and more complex your cleaning needs, the more likely it is that you'll benefit from professional cleaners. After all, your workspace may present certain cleaning challenges that require expertise or special tools that you and your employees don't possess.

3. What Is a DIY Approach Costing You in Terms of Money, Lost Employee Productivity and Team Morale?

In many ways, your employees are your most important assets. The decision to ask your staff members to devote some of their valuable time to cleaning your workspace may be costing you money and lowering team productivity and morale.

Professional Cleaners Provide ...


Commercial cleaners specialize in tackling workplace cleaning tasks, and they know how to do the job right. Any commercial cleaning service you hire will have solid practices and processes for each job, as well as quality standards and an ability to customize their services to meet your needs.

The Right Tools and Supplies for the Job

Professional cleaning companies can make sure that necessary personal and cleaning products, such as paper towels and toilet paper, are kept on hand in your workplace, thus taking these small-but-essential stocking tasks out of your hands.

Finding a Good Commercial Cleaner Requires ...

Conducting Due Diligence

Ask each commercial cleaning candidate how long he or she has been in business (experience is good, of course), what type of clients they typically service (are they businesses that are similar to your own?) and how they calculate their costs. Be sure to ask for references, and before making any hiring decisions, check these references carefully.

Negotiating an Agreement

Analyze each proposal, and then select one cleaning service. If you're not comfortable signing a long-term contract, try asking the cleaning company for a trial period first. Many services offer this option, and they may also be flexible about contract length. As in all business relationships, you'll want to build trust from the beginning.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service can benefit your business in many ways, from freeing your employees from arduous cleaning duties to gaining a consistently clean workspace that employees and customers will feel good about. By understanding your needs and conducting due diligence beforehand, you'll be equipped to make the right decision about when to hire commercial cleaning services.

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