Small business podcasts have become an extremely useful resource for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to stay at the top of their game. In fact, listening to these audio programs on business topics is quickly becoming a preferred method of gathering information, ideas and inspiration.

Here are five great small business podcasts that can help you propel your company forward:

The Top 5

1. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

Produced by Stanford Engineering, this podcast aims to inspire and educate current and aspiring entrepreneurs by sharing insights from professors, thought leaders and fellow business owners. Highlights include Minnie Ingersoll of Shift talking about disruption, Dharmesh Shah of HubSpot discussing the importance of culture and Elon Musk talking about SpaceX. The podcast also regularly features professors from Stanford and several other institutions discussing innovation and problem solving.

2. YOUPRENEUR With Chris Ducker

Formerly known as the New Business Podcast, Chris Ducker's goal remains the same: helping small business owners become more productive and profitable. Through interviews with other business owners and monologues on today's pressing topics, Ducker offers advice in bite-sized snippets that are easy to implement.

3. Office Hours With Daniel Pink

Author Daniel Pink has spent a lot of time studying human behavior. One of his favorite subjects is motivation. Pink's podcast also delves into questions surrounding behavior, success and business growth. He offers monthly podcast interviews with business legends including fellow author Malcolm Gladwell, Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone, and scholars such as Jonah Berger of Wharton.

4. The $100 MBA

Omar Zenhom started the $100 MBA podcast out of frustration with traditional business education. His solution was to create an educational community and podcast that offers daily lessons to help entrepreneurs improve some aspect of their business. Unlike other small business podcast personalities, Zenhom doesn't interview gurus or self-made millionaires. Instead, he presents short ideas and tactics for small business owners to explore. From developing an e-book to increasing your customers' lifetime value to learning how to say "no," Zenhom covers a lot in 10 minutes.

5. The Smart Passive Income Podcast With Pat Flynn

Although the title of Pat Flynn's podcast suggests that it's all about creating passive income, that is not the case. Within the interviews he conducts, Flynn shares success stories, growth strategies and technology tools that all business owners can learn from.

Getting Started

Most podcasts are listed on iTunes, so the Apple platform is a great place to start exploring. You can search using names or keywords to find podcasts of interest to you, and then simply download the specific episodes you would like to listen to.

With most podcasts available for free, they provide a simple, cost-effective method for crafting new business strategies.

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