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Marc Rind

Marc Rind 

Chief Data Scientist and VP of Product Development ADP DataCloud Automatic Data Processing, Inc. Marc is responsible for leading the research and development of Automatic Data Processing's (ADP's) Analytics and Big Data platform. In this capacity, Marc drives the innovation and thought leadership behind the ADP DataCloud, which not only reads the pulse of ADP clients' human capital, but also combines that insight with quantifiable big insight to suggest the best courses of action to pursue workforce-related business outcomes. Marc was also an instrumental leader behind the small business market payroll platform; RUN Powered by ADP®. Marc lead a number of the technology teams responsible for delivering its critically acclaimed product focused on its innovative user experience for small business owners Prior to joining ADP, Marc's innovative spirit and fascination with data was forged at Bolt Media--a dot-com start-up based in NY's "Silicon Alley". The company was an early predecessor to today's social media outlets. As an early 'Data Scientist'; Marc focused on the patterns and predictions of site usage through the harnessing of the data on its +10 million user profiles. Marc received his Master's degree in Business Communications from Emerson College in 1995 with a focused study on industry innovations through technology.

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