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George Mavrantzas

George Mavrantzas 

George Mavrantzas has over 18 years in the prepaid industry with the last 13 years specifically in paycards. Prior to his work with ADP's Global Cash Card, he has held several senior level positions at firms including Powertel, T-Mobile, ITC Financial Services and Incomm. Mavrantzas has worked in all facets of prepaid and paycard operations including but not limited to business development, project management, customer service, implementation, relationship and account management and social media expansion. As vice president of special projects, Mavrantzas is responsible for delivering executive presentations, supporting and managing strategic channel partnerships and contributing to executive decisions. In addition, he is a prolific speaker at a variety of industry events including the American Payroll Association's Local Chapters and Statewide Conferences. Mavrantzas is a recognized expert in the prepaid industry and is invited to speak at over 50 conferences a year to educate payroll professionals on the benefits of electronic pay.

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