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Doug Bonderud

Doug Bonderud 

Doug Bonderud is an award-winning writer with expertise in technology and innovation.

Latest Articles  by  Doug 

Binary code image illustrating internet and data feed

Data Security

The Secure Payroll Priority: Problems, Processes and Potential Partners

A businessman wears a mask in his office

Trends and Innovation

Positive Impact: 5 Potential Return-to-Workplace Changes in the New World of Work

A computer keyboard with a welcome back sticky note on it

Trends and Innovation

Back to Work in China: Operational Insight for Navigating the New Normal

A digital lock breaks apart

Data Security

Holding the Line: HR's Rising Role in Data Security for Small Businesses

A woman seals a cardboard moving box with a tape dispenser

Payroll Administration

What to Pack (and What to Toss) When Moving to Cloud-Based HR and Payroll — Part 1

moving packages under clouds

Trends and Innovation

What to Pack (and What to Toss) When Moving to Cloud-Based HR and Payroll — Part 2

Sunglasses that read 2020

Data Security

2020 Vision: Data Security Trends for the New Decade

A chain with a golden link that reads trust

Data Security

The TRUST Model: Delivering on the Promise of Employee Data Privacy

Mobile Device Security

Risk and Compliance

Concerned About BYOD Security? 5 Best Practices to Boost Protection

A small business owner appearing confused

HR Administration and Outsourcing

How Data Can Help SMBOs Better Manage Overtime and Other HR Expenses

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