Burger King Franchisees Implement EWA, Sees Spike in Employee Engagement and Attendance

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Letting employees borrow pay from future paychecks wasn't uncommon for this restaurant organization. Their commitment to being there for their employees was noble but created endless payroll and repayment tracking complications. Learn how this franchise operation integrated early wage access (EWA) with its payroll system.

Stomp, Chomp & Roll is a North and South Carolina restaurant group. Made up of 21 Burger King franchises and seven concept restaurants, they have anywhere between 850 to 1,000 employees on their payroll at any time. With a competitive talent market, they were having difficulty appealing to prospective employees since competitors were advertising "work today, get paid tomorrow," incentives.

Ad hoc payday loans complicate payroll

Payroll Manager Tiffany McDaniel remembers the ad hoc repayment process was tedious, manual, prone to error and awkward, especially when an employee decided to leave the organization. "We've always wanted our employees to feel like they could come to us if they needed help. Letting them borrow from their future pays was the best way we knew how, but it wasn't working," says McDaniel.

After almost a year of weekly meetings with another EWA provider and a failed integration with ADP® — their trusted payroll partner since the early '90s — McDaniel knew she had to find something else if they were going to be competitive.

Zero cost and easy setup

"When I came across Tapcheck and realized they were fully integrated with ADP, it was a no-brainer for me," recalled McDaniel. She immediately went to leadership and proposed implementing the EWA service. They wanted something that would empower employees to help themselves without breaking the bank, so the fact that the service is no cost to employers and low cost to employees was a major selling point. And being fully integrated with ADP through ADP Marketplace, the implementation setup was a quick and easy 15 minutes.

Empowering employees and saving the cost of time

Since implementation, McDaniel has noticed employees have been staying on longer, which is a big deal in a high-turnover industry. There's usually a drop-off after the 90-day mark for new employees, but there's been a noticeable uptick of employees not just continuing to come in for scheduled shifts but picking up extra shifts, too. Plus, it's an enticing benefit to potential new hires and is helping bring more applicants through the door.

"Having Tapcheck fully integrated with our ADP payroll enables us to be there for our employees on their terms," says McDaniel. "They're self-empowered and can access more of their funds sooner without having to ask." The cost of time savings has also impacted McDaniel in the payroll department. All funds employees access through Tapcheck are automatically tracked through the integration, so data flows seamlessly through the payroll system. "It takes a huge load off me because I don't have to enter repayment deductions," she says.

Looking to the future

Having access to hundreds of trustworthy partners that have been pre-vetted by ADP Marketplace and will integrate with the ADP platform is a resource McDaniel and her leadership never knew they had. But since the setup with Tapcheck, McDaniel has already discovered another solution through ADP Marketplace that they plan to implement soon.

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Quick Facts

  • Company: Stomp, Chomp & Roll
  • Headquarters: North Carolina, South Carolina
  • Industry: Restaurant/food service
  • Employees: 885
  • ADP products: ADP Workforce Now®, ADP Marketplace

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