[Video] Innovation Takes Spotlight in Battle for Talent

male and female coworkers chat over coffee using a tablet computer

In the shadow of the Big Stay — employers are still competing to attract top talent to fill millions of open roles.

In this Workforce News Minute, Naomi Lariviere, vice president of product management at ADP, shares insights on how organizations can gain a competitive edge.

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Employers are driving innovation in three critical ways. One, they're looking for ways that they can adapt technology. We have a changing, complex landscape in terms of all the regulatory changes, and that's actually shifting the talent dynamics.

There's this greater need for real-time visibility and good insight into the workforce about where skills are, how to get them, and what are the future skills that people are going to be looking for?

Also, employers are really thinking about how they stay competitive.

Everybody's vying for top talent and organizations, especially the ones that want to continue to be competitive and grow, are reprioritizing innovation. And that means technology.

They're also looking at the changing workforce, and those workforce changes are demanding different needs in the technologies that are being used in the day-to-day life.

So how do they do that?

They're looking for tools that are going to enhance productivity, developing new skills for new ways of doing work. And they're also looking for personalized experiences.