August 2023: Detailed Look at State, Local, and Federal Updates

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Timely, topical insights on a variety of payroll and reporting issues.

Check out our monthly Eye on Washington series that focuses on timely, topical insights on various payroll and reporting issues at the state, local, and federal levels. This edition covers regulatory and legislative updates in benefits, leave, payroll, and time and labor.

The highlighted states and areas include California, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Rhode Island.

It also provides the latest minimum wage announcements and a federal update on the USCIS new Form I-9 and alternative verification procedure.

Topics Covered In This Issue


  • Reminder: California Modifies Garnishment Maximum Withholding Amount
  • California: Delayed CCPA Regulations: Slight Reprieve But Time is Ticking
  • Maine to Establish Paid Family and Medical Leave Program
  • Minnesota Bars Mandatory Employer Meetings on Religious or Political Matters
  • Montana Establishes 30-Day Threshold for Income Tax withholding for Nonresidents
  • Nevada Creates State-Run Retirement Plan
  • Update: New Jersey Strengthens Unemployment Laws
  • New Jersey Retroactively Adopts "Convenience of the Employer" Rule for Withholding
  • Reminder: Upcoming New York Salary Transparency Requirements
  • State of New York Releases Updated WARN Act Regulations
  • Oregon Expands Family Leave Act
  • Oregon Extends New Hire Reporting Requirements
  • Rhode Island Clarifies and Increases Penalties for Wage Theft and Independent Contractor Misclassification
  • Rhode Island Makes Juneteenth a State Holiday
  • Rhode Island Prohibits Provisions that Conceal Civil Rights Claims


  • Edgewater, Colorado Adopts Minimum Wage
  • New York City Releases FAQs on Automated Employment Decision Tools

Minimum Wage

  • Minimum Wage Announcements 7/16/23 – 8/15/23


  • USCIS Announces New Form I-9 and Alternative Verification Procedure

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