Introducing HR{preneur} - A Podcast for Business Owners

business owner at his bakery talking to an employee

From main street to your street, the HR{preneur} podcast from ADP is centered around helping small businesses like yours gain the knowledge you seek — from HR, payroll and hiring, to time, taxes, benefits and insurance.


The HR{preneur} podcast brings the experts to you, answers your questions and helps you think beyond today — so you can discover more success tomorrow. Each episode is only 10 and 15 minutes long but full of practical advice.

Check out these popular episodes:

Vacation vs. paid sick leave vs. PTO: What are the differences?

A growing number of states and local jurisdictions are passing laws requiring employers to provide paid leave to employees. The laws are evolving so frequently that it can be hard to keep up with what's required and what's not. This episode will answer questions on vacation, paid sick leave and paid time off.

5 myths about meal periods … busted

When providing meal periods, employers must pay attention to federal, state and local rules. Sometimes, however, certain myths can get in the way of employers meeting meal period requirements, and this could result in employers facing penalties. In this podcast, we'll debunk five myths about meal periods, and help you know the facts.

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