2022 Workforce Trends: People & Purpose Will Drive Workplace Culture

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Finding ways to attract and retain talent is more critical than ever, and culture will play a significant role in laying the foundation for top talent in 2022.

In this Workforce News Minute video, ADP chief business anthropologist Martha Bird explains how people will be shaping culture at their workplace, and the positive impacts companies will gain from it.

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Martha Bird:

We know that diversity of people leads to stronger teams and better business outcomes. This makes sense given products and services by and large are intended to serve a range of communities.

A single perspective in this context ensures only a small percentage of your employees and your customers feel sufficiently represented in what you have to offer.

Finding ways to attract and retain diverse talent is critical. A proven way of doing so is by empowering every employee to feel that they can be who they are without fear of being judged.

Even more, it's about practicing what real inclusivity feels like. I'm heard. My ideas count. I'm asked for input. I'm encouraged to learn and grow. And my company has zero tolerance for bullies.

When people feel supported in bringing their whole selves to work, they tend to contribute more. And what is this whole self, if not a combination of how one was brought up, where they were brought up, what passes for normal, and how much personal agency they feel.

The whole self has many parts. It's not a single fixed thing.

A purpose driven organizational culture is one built around acknowledgement of and respect for the differences that exist between us and the shared humanity that unites us.

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