Employee Survey Solution Delivers a Much-Needed Upgrade

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ADP Marketplace helps PPC Partners power employee feedback success.

"Our people are our power" is PPC Partners motto.

Based in New Berlin, Wisconsin, PPC Partners is a holding company with a storied history of putting its people first, and with its latest investment in a new tech solution that facilities employee engagement, that is no empty slogan.

PPC Partners is comprised of four U.S.-based electrical, mechanical and automation contracting and construction companies: PieperPower and MP Systems in the Midwest region, and MetroPower and Carolina Power in the Southern region. The company is owned by its 2,500 employees, — a testament to its founder's belief in the importance of serving employees first.

PPC Partners also is a relatively new ADP Workforce Now® customer, and as part of that transition the company sought out solutions to take its employee feedback game to the next level. With that goal in mind, it purchased an employee survey solution from Macorva via ADP Marketplace, a digital HR storefront of apps that integrate with ADP.

Atlanta-based Dr. Edwin Garcia, chief people officer at PPC Partners, says the company transitioned to ADP Workforce Now® last year as part of major technology investments needed to support the rapid company growth.

Dr. Garcia adds that Macorva's employee survey solution delivers a much-needed upgrade to its former process, which had limited capabilities from a tech and ease-of-use perspective when it came to gathering and analyzing actionable employee feedback.

"We are always looking to leverage the investments we've made in these technologies," Garcia says. "One of the things we've done in the past is hired third-party solution providers for different employee-facing processes. Enhancing our engagement surveys is included in that strategy."

Upgraded experience and system interface

Garcia explains that PPC Partners had been using a more "traditional" service provider for surveys/feedback, originally starting with paper and pencil in 1998; and eventually transitioning to electronic means for gathering workforce engagement data and providing demographic based insights. But it was time for a change, he says.

"I needed to understand how employee engagement cuts across gender, race, geographies, length of service … those types of factors," he says. "And that took a lot of effort on our part with our previous process."

As part of his search, Garcia visited ADP Marketplace and quickly discovered a much easier path to making a change.

"I thought, 'There's this button over here on my ADP dashboard, let me take a look,'" he says.

Garcia explored ADP Marketplace and came across Macorva, a solution for employee feedback, among other data-gathering functionality. Garcia selected Macorva primarily because it had an all-important direct connection to ADP.

"I was looking for a replacement solution to minimize the pain point of having to dig up, dissect and deliver all the employee feedback data. That was the starting point," he says, noting that Macorva also can deliver 360-degree performance reviews, customer service satisfaction surveys, and net promoter scores — without incurring extra budgetary costs, another key advantage. The move freed up time and extra employee support needed for manual processes with the old process.

"It was not a trivial process," Garcia says. "I can't tell you exactly how much time we save having Macorva connected to ADP Workforce Now, but it's saving a significant amount of time and effort that my team had been putting in to pull the data."

In addition, not only is Garcia's team receiving much richer engagement data overall through the Macorva platform, but it's also getting diversity, equity and inclusion data because it added questions on that critical issue.

"Employees are really responding to the new platform," he says, as initial usage from all companies averaged 70 percent participation rate on the surveys.

"Most employees completed the survey on their mobile device, which made for a quicker response time than they had in the past," he says, "when we had to bring people into the office to do surveys because much of our workforce is out in the field."

As for the deployment itself, Garcia says the launch of the initial survey happened after an extremely quick three-week time frame.

"Both ADP and Macorva have been incredible to work with, very responsive," he says. Garcia adds that although PPC has not asked employees their view of the new survey tool, the speed with which they've responded speaks for itself.

"I would definitely go back to ADP Marketplace because the solutions already have ADP's seal of approval, and that's a great starting point," Garcia says. "The fact that they have been screened and integrated with ADP makes it so much easier. There is real value there."

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