October State and Local Legislative Updates

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Timely, topical insights on a variety of payroll and reporting issues.

Check out our monthly Eye on Washington series that focuses on timely, topical insights on a variety of payroll and reporting issues at the state and local level. In this edition, we're covering regulatory and legislative updates in leave and payroll including the latest updates related to coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The highlighted states and areas include Alaska, Arizona, California, Delaware, Maine, Montana, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, and Washington.

The topics covered in this issue are:


  • California Family Rights Act Expanded to Include Parent-in-Law
  • Massachusetts Extends COVID-19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave
  • Massachusetts PFML Rate for 2022 Released
  • Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Enacts Paid Sick Leave Ordinance


  • Alaska Announces No Increase to Minimum Wage for 2022
  • 2022 Minimum Wage Announced for Arizona
  • New California Law Prohibits Piece Rates for Garment Workers
  • Delaware Eliminates Youth and Training Subminimum Wage
  • Maine Announces Minimum Wage and Other Threshold Changes for 2022
  • Minimum Wage Effective January 1, 2022, Announced for Montana
  • Ohio Announces January 1, 2022, Minimum Wage
  • Puerto Rico to Increase Minimum Wage
  • South Dakota Announces 2022 Minimum Wage
  • Washington State Announces 2022 Minimum Wage
  • Daly City, California, Announces 2022 Minimum Wage
  • City of SeaTac, Washington, Announces 2022 Minimum Wage for Hospitality and Transportation Industry Employees

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