Open Enrollment: 4 Ways to Leave No Employee Behind

Open enrollment 4 ways to leave no employees behind

Normally, when it comes to benefits open enrollment, employees struggle to fully understand their choices and deadlines.

With more people working in flexible, hybrid and remote working environments today, communicating benefits information is more challenging than ever.

Only 51% of employees who are eligible for benefits participate and 35% report they don't fully understand what they enrolled in.

These four open enrollment communications strategies can help.

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Benefits information can be complicated, so being exposed to it several times and in different formats will help the details stick.

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Focus on what employees want and need to know, not just what you want to tell them.

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In-office employees

In-office employees working on computers can be sent emails and read information on the employee portal.

Manufacturing floor/retail floor

Those working on the manufacturing or retail floor will read bulletin board notices and hard-copy memos.

Remote/traveling employees

Field, remote or traveling employees can be reached through a mobile app or text messaging.

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Measure changes in benefit participation level, survey employees for feedback, and track measurable metrics such as email open rate, video or page views, etc.

Document all elements of your communications to provide a framework for the next open enrollment season.

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