In this segment of Cheddar news, learn about the reskilling trends that are shaping the future of the workforce.

Watch this future of work segment from Cheddar News (TV network) sponsored by ADP, featuring Shaan Hathiramani, founder and CEO of Flockjay. He shares insights about which skills are in high demand since the pandemic, remote work career paths, the value of training, and how leaders can help workers reskill for future opportunities.

Learn more about the acceleration of remote work, ecommerce and automation, and reskilling trends that are shaping the future of the workforce.

The video segment covers the following topics at these times:


  • How all companies had to future proof and pull the future of work into the present


  • The acceleration of trends in remote work, ecommerce and automation


  • Up to 25% of workers are going to have to change jobs and potentially need new skills


  • The explosion of jobs in support of online sales for all size businesses


  • Skills in high demand fall under social/emotional skills, and digital/technical skills
  • The range of digital skills, from digital fluency to conducting business via the internet to cybersecurity


  • How employers can ramp up employee training
  • The generational opportunity to reimagine how and where work gets done


  • The cost effectiveness of training and reskilling workers over hiring new workers


  • How to upskill frontline workers


  • Which career paths will remain remote


  • How HR and other leaders can help workers reskill for future jobs


  • The importance for HR leaders to support workers transitioning between jobs

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