What's Driving the Future of Work: How Leaders Can Build Empathy and Decrease Employee Anxiety

Whats Driving the Future of Work How Leaders Can Build Empathy and Decrease Employee Anxiety

Now more than ever, it's important for leadership to be aware of the prevalence of anxiety in the workplace and to take steps to help maintain a positive and supportive work culture.

What is driving the future of work? Watch this segment from Cheddar News (TV network) sponsored by ADP, that features Adrian Gostick author of "Anxiety at Work," as he shares his insights about anxiety which is the number one issue in the workplace. Adrian talks about strategies that leaders can apply to maintain a positive workplace culture, why people value flexibility at work, how leaders can help employees cope with uncertainties from the pandemic and why leaders should keep an eye out for change in employee behavior.

Watch this video to learn more about leadership lessons shaping the future of work following COVID-19's impact on the workforce.

The video segment above covers these topics beginning at these times:


  • Anxiety is not only an issue but it's now the #1 issue in the workplace
  • 1/3 of workers are experiencing full blown anxiety disorder systems at work* (US dept of labor)


  • Uncertainty is biggest driver of anxiety; learn how leadership can help keep employees productive and feeling supported




  • Why people value flexibility at work
  • How to make employees eager to come back into the office through enhanced collaboration


  • 360 accountability - worry about the most fearful employees coming back and providing an environment that they can speak up to share their views


  • How leaders can help employers cope with uncertainties from the pandemic


  • How to give employees a voice, together with leaders, to help improve the workplace


  • Why leaders should keep an eye out for change in employee behavior
  • Signs of anxiety that leaders can look out for; employees becoming withdrawn at meetings, more temper during meetings or calling in sick more often


  • Employees are looking for empathy from leaders, to build connection between themselves and their organizations.
  • Great leaders are building more empathic culture and it's showing in greater results.

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