ADP Response to the COVID-19 Global Health Event [Video]

ADP Response to COVID-19 Impact

Among many other efforts and actions, ADP created an Employer Preparedness Toolkit to help businesses navigate the changing environment.

Play the video below to hear ADP President and CEO, Carlos Rodriguez, share ADP's response to the COVID-19 global health event.


ADP Response to COVID-19 Global Health Event

Carlos Rodriguez: Obviously, the most important thing for us is to protect our associates. And you saw us, you know, move over fifty-thousand people to work remotely to make sure that we keep them safe, given what was happening. This was all over the world starting in in Asia, rolling through Europe, and in the United States.

ADP supports 810,000 companies of all sizes in 140 countries.

CR: We know the business continuity and resiliency is important as well because we have a lot of people depending on us. Not just the clients, but the employees of the clients — twenty-six million in the U.S. and forty million of them worldwide.

ADP quickly adapted our workforce to ensure safety, while providing critical resources and expertise to clients.

CR: We've been talking about being more nimble and more agile, and we definitely showed that we can do that. The effort over just a couple of days to move so many people to work remotely, to reinvent the way we do things, the way we deliver services. To move literally, hundreds of thousands of people's pay in different ways and get them paid, including changes in delivery addresses.

It was really pretty remarkable that we're able to pull that off. But I think it's a great lesson for us. Personally, I'm incredibly proud of the organization for pulling that off. But I think it's a lesson about how nimble we can be and how agile can be when we need to be.

We know business continuity and resiliency are important because we have a lot of people depending on us.

- Carlos Rodriguez, ADP President & CEO

ADP created an Employer Preparedness Toolkit to help businesses navigate the changing environment, including guidance on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

CR: We are always known for providing expertise and help for our clients when it comes to regulatory changes or labor laws and no matter what country it's in, but it's pretty unique to have so much change over such a short period of time. It was so much complexity on such a scale impacting every single client.

ADP built tools to help clients obtain the data they needed to expedite the process for SBA loans under the PPP.

CR: Small clients, in particular in the United States were particularly vulnerable, and the government put together a lot of programs to help them. But there are a number of programs also with tax credits and leaves credits that were put in place that would help also large and midsize clients in the US and in multiple countries. Many governments came up with their own programs to help companies weather the storm. So, that required really a kind of a global effort if you will.

ADP associates have fielded more than two million inbound requests from clients since the beginning of this crisis.

CR: So, luckily, it's already in our DNA to deliver expertise and to deliver service. And we certainly did that. But we did probably a couple of months' worth of expertise and service over the course of just a couple of days.


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