Adjusting Your Talent Strategy for the New Normal

group of four people in office conference area

ADP's virtual summit features a panel discussion on talent management titled, "No Handshakes Please: Managing and Activating Talent in the New World of Work."

The global health event is changing so many things about work. Millions of employees are finding themselves in flux, and organizations face new challenges to acquiring, managing, and activating their workforces. This has added new pressures and questions for leadership during a time of already great uncertainty. Proactively looking at talent practices is a good first step to successfully managing these changes. It's important to consider all parties for shared success moving forward.

In Looking Beyond the Curve: Recovery and Engagement in the New World of Work, ADP's virtual summit, one of the three keynote sessions introduced the topic of managing talent during dramatic change. Launch our expert panel's presentation, No Handshakes Please: Managing and Activating Talent in the New World of Work, for critical insights and best practices, including:

  • Best practices you can implement across acquisition, management and activation to drive optimal business results.
  • How you can best understand and measure what motivates your workforce, and then put plans into place to help employees be more effective and engaged while working remotely.
  • How to reframe hiring processes, performance reviews, onboarding and goal setting to adapt to the current work environment.

Supporting sessions include topics like engagement, retirement, and the evolution of HR tech.

Visit the virtual event website for this and other on-demand sessions available anytime.