State and Local Updates March 2020

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Timely, topical insights on a variety of payroll and reporting issues.

Check out our monthly Eye on Washington series that focuses on timely, topical insights on a variety of payroll and reporting issues at the state and local level. In our March issue, we're covering regulatory and legislative updates in leave and payroll, including the latest paid sick leave guidance related to coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The highlighted states include California, Colorado, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Virginia.

Topics Covered In This Issue


  • California Clarifies Paid Sick Leave Can Be Used During Coronavirus
  • Temporary Emergency Rule Issued in Colorado Requiring Paid Sick Leave
  • Nevada Releases Guidance on Paid Sick Leave and Coronavirus
  • New Jersey DOL Releases Guidance on Coronavirus and Earned Sick Leave Law
  • New York State Enacts Emergency Paid Sick Leave
  • Washington State Releases Guidance on Paid Sick Leave and Coronavirus
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Expands Use of Paid Sick Leave Due to Coronavirus
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Provides Guidelines on Paid Sick Leave
  • San Francisco, California, Issues Guidance on Paid Sick Leave During Coronavirus Outbreak
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota Provides Guidance on Paid Sick Leave and COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave Guidance Issued by Duluth, Minnesota


  • California Supreme Court Holds Bag Security Check Time Is Compensable
  • Oregon Issues Predictive Employee Scheduling and Coronavirus Pandemic Guidance
  • Rhode Island Minimum Wage Set to Increase
  • Vermont Minimum Wage Veto Overridden
  • Hours Worked on Wage Statements for Salaried Employees Are Not Required in Virginia
  • San Carlos, California, Adopts Minimum Wage

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