Returning to a Trusted Payroll Solution

returning to a truted solution

When Greg Segall, founder and chief insurance officer at Alyce, a start-up founded in 2015, tried out a new payroll provider he found payroll errors were commonplace. He knew he needed to partner with a trusted source. He also knew he could return to ADP for reliable support and accuracy.

Here is how Greg used ADP to ensure that his company's payment calculations and scalability options were reliable.

The other payroll provider was not a well-run machine

I'm very familiar with ADP, having used ADP TotalSource in past years at multiple companies I founded. Even though I loved the solutions and the service I had received from ADP, I was still curious about what else might be out there. As a result, when we first started Alyce, we went with another payroll provider and it was horrible. Checks were missed, numbers were wrong, and bonuses were incorrectly classified. It was not a well-run machine. Also, I felt it was expensive for what we were getting, and the personal attention that I had known from ADP, which was awesome, was just not there.

We needed a trusted provider with a scalable solution

I had pre-existing trust in ADP and in the consultant who had successfully advised me in previous years, so I turned to him for help. In addition to payroll and taxation accuracy, we also needed to partner with an organization that offered solutions that went beyond payroll-related offerings, namely health benefits and 401(k) planning. We also needed a comprehensive solution that could support our rapid growth, which we plan to continue, both nationally and internationally. Considering these needs, our consultant recommended ADP TotalSource.

It's been seamless and dependable

Getting set up with ADP TotalSource was seamless. We were up and running within a matter of days. I noticed a lot of advancements with the technology since the last time I was in the system. There are a lot more self-serve options, which was important for us and impressive.

ADP TotalSource has been really great to use and very dependable. I have added security in the fact that I can call my ADP consultant should I need anything. He is always there. You can't get much better service than that, knowing you can just call and speak to someone you trust.

Company vitals

  • Name: Alyce
  • Industry: B2B Software / Corporate Gifting
  • Established: 2015
  • Owner: Greg Segall
  • Employees: 82
  • Locations: 2
  • Headquarters: Boston, MA

Business Challenge

After trying out a new payroll provider, a Boston-based start-up with both national and international employees, found that payment errors were commonplace.

How ADP Helped

ADP TotalSource® helps the team to automatically and reliably calculate payroll and withholds taxes for the business and employees.

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