Vitamin Supplement Manufacturer Automates HR Processes with Ease

Data automation.

"ADP Marketplace is amazing. We truly have hit the ADP Marketplace trifecta." — Macie Benjelloun, HRIS & Compensation Manager at International Vitamin Corporation

When Macie Benjelloun joined International Vitamin Corporation (IVC) in March 2018, she faced HR challenges on several fronts. Benjelloun's objective at IVC was to modernize several key HR-related processes — moving away from paper and toward data automation — in a cost-effective way to save time and money.

Benjelloun, HRIS & Compensation Manager at IVC, a vitamin supplement manufacturer based in Irvine, California, was up to the task of automating her firm's HR data systems. She had already built an impressive two-decade career in HRIS implementation, benefit administration, compensation structure, policy development, team direction, and training and auditing. In that span of time, Benjelloun contributed considerable value, saving more than $750,000 by automating and streamlining HR.

The Challenge

IVC's workforce, which consists of more than 1,000 employees, is distributed among its Irvine HQ and five manufacturing facilities across the nation. As Benjelloun notes, manufacturing organizations typically have a diverse set of employees with varying backgrounds, areas of expertise and, in many instances, languages. As she planned her approach to data automation, Benjelloun had to consider not only the HR team that would benefit from more streamlined processes but also the employees that would be interacting with her organization's HR solutions.

"The amount of time we had to spend documenting all our transactional changes without automation had a price tag," she says. "And the data never goes in clean. So that was more unnecessary time wasted and money spent."

The Solution

Last year, Benjelloun considered several solutions in pursuit of her ultimate goal. She turned to ADP Marketplace for solutions that would automatically connect to their ADP Workforce Now® platform and grant quick and seamless data automation.

Through the marketplace, IVC discovered pre-built integrations for some of the systems it was already using. These included the iCIMS Connector for ADP Workforce Now®, which connects with their recruiting and applicant tracking system, and ADP® HR Connector for SAP Concur which connects with their existing time and expense management system.

IVC also found that they could add a salary data analytics solution from PayScale to ensure they were competitively paying employees. This meant that the organization could automatically and easily connect most of their existing HR solutions to ADP with little to no work.

The iCIMS Connector significantly helped IVC streamline and increase its hiring efficiency with automatic updates for new hires, rehires and transfers through ADP Workforce Now.

"From a technological perspective, ease of use is critical," says Benjelloun, adding that effortlessly connecting iCIMS data to ADP makes outreach to different age groups — millennials, Gen Z, Gen Y — much more accessible and easy.

"It allows for different avenues of people to apply for jobs, and as a growing company, we're trying to leverage that as much as possible," she says.

The Benefit of Connected Systems

IVC discovered similar benefits by connecting its SAP Concur system to ADP. Their team no longer had to manually enter the same employee data into multiple systems, deal with messy file imports and exports or resolve data entry errors.

Benjelloun says the ADP Marketplace apps even caused IVC power users to wonder what they would do with all the time that the solutions afforded to them. The answer is simple, according to Benjelloun: Primarily, ADP Marketplace solutions give HR staff the power to focus strategically on their business partners instead of merely working as "transactional paper pushers."

Underscoring the fact that time is money, Benjelloun notes how IVC has likely saved at least $60,000 by switching from manual to automated processes with the help of the three ADP Marketplace apps it has implemented.

She explains that when you are building a culture and deciding how you will roll out communications and handle general HR operations, you need to know your audience. "Solutions like data connectors for iCIMS and SAP Concur make that so much easier," she says.

Benjelloun also notes how the ability to see the different ways applications can communicate with the ADP Workforce Now platform was a major selling point: "At IVC, the goal is to move from paper to automating our HR processes," she says. "So far, ADP Marketplace has played a key role in helping us reach that objective."

She also recalls how the implementation was "pretty much download-and-go" with iCIMS; it only took her and her colleagues about 10 minutes of learning to become familiar with the core functions.

Based on her experience, Benjelloun sees the value of ADP Marketplace as "huge and loaded with potential."

"As we move forward, if we didn't have the pre-built integrations and connections readily available to us via ADP Marketplace, it would have cost us four times as much to find a developer to build the integration. In fact, when we priced it out, it was going to cost at least $20,000 just to integrate with one API," she says, noting that without the integrations she would have to run reports and manually import data into various HR systems every week.

"ADP Marketplace is amazing. We truly have hit the ADP Marketplace trifecta," she says. "I'll continue to use it accordingly to meet future needs."

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