Employee Onboarding Solutions Made Simple

Employee Onboarding Solutions Made Simple

ADP Marketplace is here to simplify onboarding.

Employee onboarding can be a challenge for many of today's businesses. Do you struggle with some of the top challenges related to employee onboarding? Review our latest infographic, which outlines how employees like yours feel about their job, the top challenges related to this topic and solutions available on ADP Marketplace that can help solve some of your challenges.

Employees who strongly agree that their job description aligns with the work they are asked to do are 2.5 times more likely than other employees to be engaged. Only six in 10 employees strongly agree that they know what's expected of them at work, according to the ADP 2016 Employee Engagement Study.

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Yet that study shows only 12 percent of employees strongly agree their organization does a great job of onboarding new employees. There are several onboarding challenges, common desired features and solutions from ADP Marketplace that integrate with the ADP platform to help streamline and improve the onboarding process for businesses.

The primary challenges include mobile compatibility; customized fields and workflows; multiple jobs and templates; and employee engagements.

Some of today's top integrated solutions available on ADP Marketplace to solve these issues include Clear Company, Greenhouse, Onboard by HR Cloud and Sapling.

About ADP Marketplace: ADP Marketplace is an online storefront offering a collection of highly rated HR solutions ready to seamlessly and securely share data with the ADP platform. Clients can create their own highly customized, yet fully integrated HR ecosystem for their company, with the simplicity of single sign-on, single data input and single billing.