Helping Employees Excel at Work with StandOut

Helping Employees Excel at Work with StandOut

Wouldn't it be great if you came to work each day knowing that you'd be able to tap into your strengths?

By Sreeni Kutam, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer

Wouldn't it be great if you came to work each day knowing that you'd be able to tap into your strengths and focus on activities that you can truly excel at? How engaged and excited to come to work would you feel?

When you consider that job hopping is at an all-time high, it's now more important than ever that organizations focus on ways to develop and engage their top talent. Think about what's at stake. According to 2017 Gallup¨ research, high employee engagement leads to 21 percent higher profitability, 20 percent higher sales, 70 percent reduction in safety incidents, and 24 percent lower turnover.

So how do we help employees feel excited and engaged? From my vantage point, personal engagement is a combination of what I contribute to the organization and how the organization contributes to my success. Because of its dual nature, it's important for employees to understand their own contribution to this cycle.

My contribution doesn't necessarily have to be related to my role. It could be related to things that stir my own passion and intellectual curiosity. Employees need to define for themselves what makes them highly engaged and then do those things as often as they can. For some, it could be volunteering or joining a lunchtime book club. For others, it could be mentoring new associates or contributing to a company blog. It's about identifying what is satisfying and motivating for you, then doing more of it.

We're helping associates do exactly that by rolling out StandOut, powered by ADP. The StandOut solution helps people identify where their strengths lie and then enables them to work with their team leader to do more of what they love. Decades of research have revealed the key to engagement and performance is enabling your people to play to their strengths every day. With the StandOut program, team leaders and associates have frequent, regular check-ins to ensure alignment on top priories and help connect individual strengths to those priorities.

According to Mission Health, a leading innovator in the health care industry, encouraging caregivers to check in frequently has empowered team leaders to give staff critical information and coaching insights right at the time of need. After using the StandOut solution for 12 months, the company saw overall engagement increase by 120 percent and its percentage of "fully engaged" team members increase from 17.5 percent to 32 percent in one year.

Companies can no longer afford to just manage their talent. In order to achieve breakthrough performance, they need to make it personal. Organizations need to gain a deeper understanding of each employee's individual strengths, and at the same time, people need to focus on how to bring their best personal contributions to the table each day.

That's how we close the loop and find the key to engagement. Why not explore tapping into your teams' strengths?