Adaptive HR Tools Enable the Evolution of Exceptional Team Leaders

A compass hand points toward the word success.

Human resources tools that combine simplicity with innovation and adaptability in a portable and convenient platform can help alleviate friction within organizational ecosystems.

Human resources tools have evolved to become intuitively adaptive in the training process to nurture the skillsets required for the development of exceptional team leaders. These tools can provide an interactive feedback platform enabling confidential and anonymous constructive interactions between team leaders, subordinates and stakeholders to help shape the effectiveness of derail projects.

The integration of such tools can help "nudge" and reshape managers' behaviors through process-based real-time feedback and automated coaching programs that enhance and improve a leader's efficiency and effectiveness moving forward.

Behavioral Science Evolved

The science of behavior modification applied through a real-time, process-driven program can produce tangible results on many levels. While boosting productivity is the conventional measure of performance, the ability to collaborate, motivate and unite a team are also important, but sometimes more difficult to identify, encourage, and manage. Behavioral science can help. Behavioral economics is the study and forecasting of how people actually think and behave. By understanding and incorporating behavioral economics into our communications and software design, we can begin to understand and work with what people believe, think, and do, not just what they produce.

Re-Shiping Toxic Team Leaders

Organizations are seeing the resonating effects of poor managers and the accompanying fallout that entails. While two leaders can get their teams from point A to point B in the same period of time, why does one team feel united, galvanized and motivated while the other team feels exhausted, bitter and disengaged?

While high-producing team leaders may appear top-notch when it comes to revenue generation, the fallout that comes by way of heavy team member exodus and disgruntled subordinates must be factored in. High-producing team leaders that leave behind a trail of burnt out and disengaged subordinates ready to jump ship may be doing more harm than good in the long run. But by relying on interactive and dynamic managment tools, your HR department can detect potential problems early and implement remedies to offset them before it's too late. It allows organizations to pinpoint where problems exist and provides focused solutions to fix them.

The Process

The tools give peers a series of menu choices relating to the team leader's management skills and collaboration abilities to provide real-time feedback on what is working and what is not working. Critical feedback as well as positive reinforcement is encouraged and delivered in a report. Managers are held accountable without feeling encroached. Employees are empowered to provide feedback and be heard without fear of backlash. The goal is to identify and address potentially damaging triggers before they come to fruition and work on improving the both organizational and interpersonal skills to augment working relationships that derive the most productivity.

The Hawthorne Effect

By empowering team members to assess the performance of their managers in real time, the Hawthorne effect also comes into play. This is where the awareness of being observed can motivate a manager to consciously make efforts to be more productive. It can compel managers to follow through with the coaching and modify behavior that's more conducive toward uniting the group's synergies in terms of vision and engagement.

Frictionless Integration

To alleviate apprehension and concerns about backlash, HR leaders should utilize anonymous and confidential real-time menu-driven peer review systems that generate feedback reports for managers and recommend coaching programs individually tailored to improve specific skillsets. The coaching programs coordinate with the manager via email and track progress interactively on a weekly basis. These managment tools have unique function that allow organizations to gauge how their own team leaders compare to world-class organizations throughout the globe.

Advantages of Performance Management Tools

There are many advantages to integrating these tools. The use of digital apps can save a ton on paperwork and filing chores. These tools have demonstrated 10 percent improvement on average within three months with only 20 minutes of daily participation. Only email is required — automation handles the rest. Access is available through any connected device including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

ADP Compass is one of the new breeds of human resources tools that combine simplicity with innovation and adaptability in a portable and convenient platform to alleviate friction within organizational ecosystems. It places the value of employee loyalty, moral and engagement on the scale as productivity and output, because they are all a means to the same end. Compass has already assisted 80,000 employees and 8,000 leaders with more than 200,000 assessments spanning 23 countries.