5 Humorous Posts from HR Blogs

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How many HR thought leadership blogs do you read? Chances are there's quite a few on your list. But you also need to let yourself look at some fun, informative content to de-stress and take a short break from your innumerable day-to-day responsibilities.

Here are five posts from top HR blogs that are humorous and still share a good lesson.

1. "How to Hire Like 'Star Wars' Director J.J. Abrams" by Evil HR Lady

The Evil HR Lady blog was started in 2006 by Suzanne Lucas. In this post, Lucas discusses the importance of a diverse workforce using examples from Abrams' "Lost" and "Star Wars," as well as his hiring concept for his production business, Bad Robot.

An excerpt: "Imagine that, hiring people who look like real humans. (And we won't get into the fact that all the main players in Star Wars are humans. Let's see a member of Jabba the Hut's family join the rebellion and battle somehow.)"

2. "HR Creepiness – Don't Be That Guy (Gal)" by Fistful of Talent

Fistful of Talent focuses on talent — from onboarding to an employee's needs. You may not expect an article that discusses HR tech, such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing, to start off with a discussion about clowns, but that's what happens in this post. Paul Hebert covers the role HR needs to play in implementing tech that may "creep" out your employees by knowing a little too much about them.

An excerpt: "If you're working with your tech provider, make sure you have your own Creepiness Meter established. Too much creep and employees won't engage. That's just money down the drain. If the data you need can only be accessed and gathered by being creepy — rethink what you're doing."

3. "MONGO LIKE CANDY: The Psychology of Submitting Candidates To Hiring Managers" by the HR Capitalist

The HR Capitalist is a solid study on HR life. In this post, Kris Dunn discusses approaches HR should take when presenting top talent.

An excerpt: "Let's get the obvious on the table. You could be submitting the Lebron James of whatever your search is, but the reality is this — one candidate is not going to be enough for most hiring managers. First, they aren't as good at evaluating talent for specific needs as you are in most cases. Second, why Lebron? Are we sure that Michael Jordan isn't out there? And wouldn't his durability be a better fit for us if we found him and got him interested in the job."

4. "Mission: Employee Recognition Systems" by Baudville

Set up similarly to a Pinterest board, Baudville's blog posts are easy to read and cover employee recognition, event planning, recognition gift ideas and training management on engagement. In this post the reader learns the basics of recognizing good work and rewarding it. You'll also find an actionable list of small steps that are easy to employ and inexpensive.

An excerpt: "The concept is simple ... ask any successful parent or school teacher. Rewarding a good behavior reinforces it, and makes it more likely to be repeated. Adults aren't a whole lot different."

5. "Cyberslackers — An Inside Threat" by TalentCulture

If you're looking for a site that hosts multiple HR blogs, you've found it in TalentCulture. Choose from categories like career strategy, HR technology, leadership, and workplace culture and innovation. This post explores how your own employees are ruining productivity in your organization. The blog discusses how focused work hours have changed when they're shared with social media notifications.

An excerpt: "Even if a company has adopted policies regulating the Internet and social media use, and monitors them, personal devices eliminate the need for an employee to access the company network and Internet connection for their daily non-work cyber journeys."

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