3 Resources to Keep Up With Mobile HR Technology Trends

3 Resources to Keep Up With Mobile HR Technology Trends

This article was updated on Aug. 30, 2018.

Because technology evolves so quickly, staying on top of the latest advances can often mean the difference between optimizing a workforce and falling behind competitors. This is especially important for organizations who want to create a workplace that attracts and empowers top talent. With workforce technology leaning increasingly toward mobile, HR professionals need to get ahead of mobile HR technology trends in order to stay relevant, productive and competitive.

To stay as current as possible, you need not go it alone. There are a number of excellent resources that research and report on the most up-to-date business and technology information.

Here are three resources businesses should get to know well:

1. Forrester Enterprise Mobility

Forrester, one of the most recognized and influential research and advisory firms in the world, helps business and technology leaders keep up with the trends and strategies that are driving growth. Forrester covers a variety of business and technology topics including, but not limited to, enterprise mobility. Although Forrester does not specifically cover mobile HR technology trends, its coverage of enterprise mobility extends broadly to issues specifically relevant to HR professionals.

HR professionals can follow Forrester blogs, download research reports and attend webinars. They can also engage Forrester on a deeper level through events, councils and consulting engagements. For example, Forrester publishes a report called "Forrester Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends Report." These types of reports thoroughly, yet succinctly, provide the latest technological information and advice about possible upcoming changes.

2. The Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report

One of the best resources for keeping abreast of all the trends related to the Internet, which includes mobile trends, is Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report. Mary Meeker is a venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers — the prestigious Silicon Valley venture firm — and a former Morgan Stanley managing director and research analyst. The Internet Trends Report is not specifically about mobile HR technology trends, but the report widely covers Internet trends that include heavy coverage of mobile and enterprise workforce technology, which HR teams will find indispensable.

For example, there is a section in the report called "Re-imagining Enterprise Computing: Changing Business Process One Segment at a Time." It includes communications, data overload, tools people use at work and trends impacting how people work, all leaning heavily toward mobile technology trends.

3. Forbes: For Frequent Insights on the Mobile Workforce

Another worthwhile resource is Forbes. Forbes has a section of its website entirely dedicated to the Mobile Workforce, which provides "insights into building a reliable, scalable mobile business." Articles published at Forbes Mobile Workforce are targeted toward business leaders and trends that are impacting how businesses operate and how employees work. Forbes is a great resource for more frequent and news-based updates related to mobile technology trends.

Technology is quickly and continuously changing the way people work, and it is impacting how organizations attract and manage talent. HR professionals can stay on top by following a few, high-quality sources and reading them regularly. Forrester, the Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report and Forbes may help your organization stay current and get ahead of the very latest mobile HR technology trends.