Stumped by HR and compliance questions? Check out these small business webinars for the answers you need.

Small businesses need to navigate a number of complex human resources laws to stay compliant. If the challenge seems overwhelming, check out the following small business webinars, which can help answer your HR and compliance questions.

  1. Common HR Myths & Misconceptions: This webinar takes the mystery out of the employment relationship by debunking common myths and misconceptions business owners may have regarding a range of HR topics, from classifying workers and handling unauthorized overtime to mastering interview etiquette.
  2. Recruiting and Hiring — How to Win the Battle for Talent: For small businesses that are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit, hire and retain top talent because of swiftly changing employment laws and advancements in technology, this webinar is an invaluable resource. This presentation provides tips to attract, screen and select the best candidates, along with employee engagement strategies that really work.
  3. Employee Handbooks: Must-Have Policies, What to Avoid, & More: If you're contemplating an employee handbook, this webinar is made for you. It reviews why an employee handbook is essential for new hires and how to keep your business compliant. Other highlights include how to use your employee handbook to manage workplace issues, critical policies to include and distribution and maintenance tips.

For more small business webinars that focus on HR compliance be sure to check out ADP's Workplace Compliance Spotlight Series. And for other past and upcoming webinars, scroll to the bottom of ADP's HR Webcasts page.

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