Promotional task management isn't easy for a small business — especially if you, the owner, are the marketing department. So many companies are competing for the attention and dollars of a pool of consumers that it's essential to reach out to your market early, often and always. Here's a marketing checklist to help you stay organized. You can bookmark this article for reference, or copy and paste it into a document so that you can customize it.


  1. Create a spreadsheet and log monthly statistics for each social media site, your company website and your email list.
  2. Review your advertising needs. Set up a monthly budget for social media advertising, digital advertising and other forms of advertising, such as print or radio.
  3. Design any print materials or specific graphics (or have a professional designer do it) you might need for the upcoming month.
  4. Create and send an email newsletter or marketing message to your customers.
  5. Review and update your website — for example, do you have any events coming up, or will you be modifying hours for an upcoming holiday?
  6. Create your editorial calendar for blog posts, social media and other content for the next month, with content ideas and topics listed out by day.
  7. Check your local business associations for upcoming events, meetings or networking events. If any look promising, add them to your calendar now so that you can commit the time.
  8. Analyze targeted keywords using the keyword analysis tool of your choice to refresh your SEO.
  9. Refresh and add to your Google Alerts with new keywords, product names or company names you wish to follow.
  10. Review your Google Webmaster console for errors, messages and items to fix.


  1. Seek and license stock images for your blog and social media posts.
  2. Write at least one post and use a tool such as Grammarly to look for tricky mistakes. Polish your content and post it to your company blog.
  3. Review social media and website analytics.
  4. Visit at least one competitor's website to see if they are offering any new products or services.


  1. Check every social media site your company participates in to answer customer questions, check for spam or offensive comments and review any pending posts.
  2. Check Google Alerts for your business and product names.
  3. Respond to any sales inquiries or leads for your business.
  4. Brainstorm ideas for marketing and save them in a spreadsheet or a notebook.
  5. Read at least one marketing post to enhance your professional knowledge and glean ideas from experts.

In addition to the items on this marketing checklist, you should also review your website quarterly. Update any stale content and check all outbound links to ensure they still work.

To make it easier to keep up with various social media tasks, set up a posting tool like Buffer or HootSuite to automatically post to your company's social media accounts with a regular rhythm. This will prove especially helpful if you can't delegate many of the tasks in the checklist.

The key is to remain consistent — consumers will keep coming back if they know what to expect, and you will start to see results.

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