As a business owner, you pour your heart and soul into your business every day, and, with so much resting on your shoulders, it can be challenging to achieve work-life balance. However, your small business is really an extension of you — when you're happy and healthy, your business is also more likely to be healthy. Here are five self-improvement apps that can help you stay organized and take care of yourself.

For a Good Night's Sleep

Most health experts agree that seven to eight hours of sleep per night will help you stay clear-minded and lower stress. According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, people who don't get enough sleep have a greater risk of developing diseases and health problems. Sleep deprivation can also spill over into the workplace and reduce efficiency and productivity and make you more prone to errors, accidents and injuries.

To start your workday off feeling ready and rested, try using Pzizz. Pzizz uses psychoacoustic (related to the study of sleep and sound perception) principles, binaural tones and special sound effects to help foster relaxation, which may help you get the sleep you need.

For a Brain Boost

Some self-improvement apps may help you improve certain cognitive abilities, such as memory, problem-solving skills, attention span and pattern recognition. All of these are vital for making sound business decisions.

Lumosity is a brain-boosting app that challenges your core cognitive skills with fun games. Based on your game play, the app provides a detailed analysis of your strengths, weaknesses and cognitive patterns to determine how best to train your brain.

For Meditation and Mindfulness

The ability to stay calm and focused under pressure often serves as an advantage in business. If you consistently feel a certain level of anxiety in particular situations, let's say during peak sales hours, you may want to try an app that's geared towards meditation and mindfulness.

Aura can help you prioritize your health and happiness by offering daily micro-meditations that only take three minutes to complete. Aura also offers 30-second mindful breathing exercises and sounds of nature to help you meditate.

For Task Management

Small business owners are notorious for working long hours, so achieving a work-life balance can be difficult. There are many apps that can help you manage your tasks better and, in turn, help you make more time for yourself.

Wunderlist provides a comprehensive task manager that allows you to edit your to-do list with ease, based on changing priorities in your life. The lists you make are shareable and can sync across all of your devices, making it the go-to option for family collaboration, business meetings and travel planning.

For a Quick Workout

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, healthy practices can increase profitability and productivity. A self-improvement app like the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout® can help motivate you to do a quick daily workout, even in the office. All you need is a chair and a wall to complete 12 exercises.

Give one, two or all of these apps a try — and if they start making you feel better, share them with your team and encourage your employees to make time to prioritize their own health and wellness.

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