Summer is just around the corner. Long days and warm weather make it the perfect time to take a break, relax and let the world wait.

Unless, of course, you're a small business owner. For some businesses, summer is the busiest time of year, while for others it's a time to look for ways to drive revenue and improve total efficiency. The struggle is real, but we've got your back with a weekly set of small business resources — we'll tackle all the hot topics you need to keep your cool this summer.

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School's Out!

The countdown is on. Kids are squirming in their desks. Adults are watching the clock. Grill masters are shining their BBQs. Baseball leagues are in full swing. It can only mean one thing: Summer is coming. And while every small business owner should take a well-deserved break, summer offers the perfect opportunity to continue your education and learn tips to help you increase revenue and perfect your processes so you can take the market by storm next season. But who wants to be stuck in a hot classroom while everyone else gets to play?

There's a better way. Every Wednesday, come back for another quick hit of small business wisdom — our version of Summer School — to help reduce your stress and boost your bottom line.

Check Your Syllabus

Curious about what you're getting in our small business classroom? Here's a taste: We'll tackle a crash course in social media marketing strategy, time management 101, a customer service tune-up, best practices for maximizing sales and more. Better yet? Each course will be in a quick, easy-to-digest format so you can get in, get the small business resources you need and get back to enjoying summer.

Check out our full calendar of topics below and be sure not to miss any of our essential tips and insights! We will update the list with live links each week.

June 7: The Importance of Taking Time Off: A Small Business Owner's Guide

June 14: 5 Fantastic Company Outing Ideas for Summer

June 21: 8 Tips to Help You Master Social Media Marketing

June 28: How to Negotiate (When You Really Don't Like to Negotiate)

July 5: Do You Know How to Delegate Work to Others? Take Our Quiz!

July 12: Are You an All-Star Recruiter? 9 Tips to Help You Conduct a Successful Interview

July 19: How to Predict Your Financial Future With Cash Flow Forecasting

July 26: Use the Summer for Measuring Website Effectiveness: 5 Metrics That Matter

August 2: Three Creative Ways To Boost Your Customer Service Skills

August 9: Everything's Zen at the Office: 4 Tips for Creating Workspace Harmony and Boosting Productivity

August 16: Shortening the Sales Cycle: New Ideas to Sell More in Less Time

August 23: Test Your Time Management Skills Knowledge: A Quiz for Small Business Owners

August 30: Why a Business Rainy Day Fund Can Help You Sleep Better at Night

September 4: A Small Business Advice Wrap-Up for Your Graduation Day

Run your business, live your life and hit up summer school courses you actually want to attend. We'll see you back here next week for the owner's guide to taking a (well-deserved) vacation. Class dismissed!

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