LinkedIn remains a top destination for brands and job-seekers alike. The social media platform has more than 430 million users, with two new members joining every second, according to the site's official page. For companies, this raises an important question: How do you drive better engagement on LinkedIn and encourage connections to like and share your content? Here are four tips to help your brand stay relevant.

Get Personal

The most important thing you can do on LinkedIn is opt for personification over products. Given that the stated purpose of the site is to create a "professional network," connections likely aren't looking for the hard sell — they want to know more about how your brand sees the world and what drives your decision-making. This means crafting a set of personality traits, likes and dislikes for your corporate presence to give other LinkedIn users insight into what makes your brand tick. If you're just repurposing content from your other social channels, you're missing the point.

Know Your Audience

Who's interested in what you have to say on LinkedIn? Before firing off new posts or sharing new content, take time to consider the type of connections you want to attract — and what would keep them coming back. For example, a recent Entrepreneur post points to brands like Taco Bell and Mashable that are "killing it" on Snapchat by leveraging the platform's storytelling tools to offer helpful dating tips and live reporting, respectively. You should probably adopt a more professional tone on LinkedIn, but still, you can't ignore the audience. Skip generic posts in favor of content that details your creative process, describes your market challenges or speaks to the roles specific skill sets play in your success.

Play It Cool

Being too aggressive will not get you more engagement on LinkedIn. As noted by Forbes, it's easy for users (and brands) to fall into the trap of spamming inboxes, asking for connections just to send out more invites or pushing other users to share content online. While you might grab one or two interested contacts in the process, chances are you'll alienate far more, and you may even lose connections along the way. Instead of getting pushy, craft better content and let your brand voice speak for itself.

Speak Plainly

And when it comes to communicating, don't put on airs. As mentioned above, it's important to develop a personality for your brand because users now view companies as extensions of their workforce, rather than faceless corporate entities. Staying relevant means ditching the double-speak and corporate jargon in favor of plainly written posts that get right to the point. If they're interested, try giving different members of your team control of the LinkedIn account each week or month to build up a variety of interesting content.

LinkedIn is a powerful resource for connection and conversion. Use it wisely: Develop a personality, know your audience, don't get overzealous and always speak your mind.

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