According to VentureBeat, Facebook has over 1.65 billion monthly active users, making the social platform a huge source of untapped consumer potential. Fortunately, the social site allows you to easily create and share a digital marketing campaign, which can help you raise brand awareness, convert new customers and drive organic referrals.

Here are some tips on how to advertise on Facebook and make sure that you're reaching the right audience:

1. Establish Goals

Start by creating a Facebook business page and choosing an objective from the Ads Manager. Then, set your target audience and ad spend. Once you've taken the time to design the ad itself, you should strive to establish measurable goals for this marketing channel.

2. Create a Smooth Landing

According to Entrepreneur, it's best for you to create landing pages that funnel users from Facebook to your main website. After all, a hard redirect from the social networking site to your primary webpage can be jarring for new customers. By designing a custom page, you can give your audience a better experience.

3. Go Custom

As noted by Mashable, it's possible to add a "custom audience" when you advertise on Facebook. By uploading a CSV file of your customer database, you can target customers who already know your brand in addition to likely converts (rather than the population at large). It's also possible to customize your daily or lifetime budget for advertising and decide if you want your ad to run 24/7 or on a specific schedule. For the best value, you should run your ad when your potential customers are likely to be online.

4. Add Video

Videos have some of the highest engagement metrics of all the media formats that Facebook offers. By incorporating videos into your ads, you can draw users in without significantly increasing your spending. This format is also particularly valuable because Facebook limits the amount of text you can include in an ad, and so sometimes it may be easier to get an effective message across through video.

5. Bring the Boost

Sometimes it's worthwhile to simply "boost" content using the social site's per-post feature. It's simple: Anything you post has the option of being "boosted" — made available for more users to see — with one click.

6. Think About Location, Location, Location

The most common ad locations are in the news feed and along the right-hand sidebar. As noted by The Next Web, ads in the news feed tend to get more engagement. It's worth noting, however, that news feed ads can only link back to Facebook pages. If you want to link off-site, you need to use the sidebar.

7. Move Quickly

Advertising on Facebook demands a more agile approach than traditional marketing. To prevent your audience from growing tired of your posts, you need to change your ad content and placement on a regular basis.

Are you ready to advertise on Facebook? This platform offers huge potential for business owners who are willing to adapt their strategy and deliver value-added content.

As always, just make to check the site's terms of use to help ensure any of your campaigns conforms with any applicable rules.

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