All businesses should strive to have an optimized marketing strategy. Not only do you want to have a positive reputation in your industry and among your loyal customers, but you also want to ensure that new, prospective customers are excited about what you have to offer. Unfortunately, many businesses, especially new ones, fall prey to marketing fails. These failures can result in a lack of new leads, stagnant growth and wasted resources.

Here are five common small business marketing fails that you should watch out for:

1. The Business Doesn't Understand Its Competition

Ask yourself: What is your competition doing? Do you have a solid grasp on where they're focusing their marketing efforts? It can be intimidating to assess the competition, especially when you're up against larger, more established businesses, but performing this analysis is an essential part of achieving marketing success. If you don't understand your competition, you won't be able to establish yourself as a better option.

2. They Haven't Hammered Down Their Value Proposition

A value proposition is a sentence or phrase that highlights the benefits you offer, as well as how you stand out from your competition. This sentence, which should call attention to the types of problems you can solve for your customers, can be used as your website headline.

3. They Don't Have Tracking and Analytics Tools in Place

In order to have a good sense of which of your marketing efforts are producing the best results, you must have robust tracking and analytics tools in place. And if you want to understand which actions lead to purchases, you must go beyond simply tracking how many people come to your website. When you launch a new marketing campaign, you should be able to determine exactly how much you spent and how many customers you gained as a result of the campaign.

4. Their Business Website Is Outdated and Far From Optimized

Your website might fall to the bottom of your priority list, especially if you're strapped for time. But if you're trying to raise your marketing game and are battling an outdated or unfinished website, it may be time to make the necessary updates and make sure that your site is optimized. This is increasingly important if you use your site to sell products or services. A healthy, well-designed site, complete with compelling copywriting, will increase conversion rates.

5. They Don't Understand Their Audience

For any marketing platform to be successful, you must have a solid understanding of your audience and their needs. Don't be afraid to use different tactics to engage with your customers and find out what they want.

By being aware of these common marketing fails and trying your best to avoid them, you'll be one step closer to establishing powerful, far-reaching campaigns.

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