With social media ubiquitous in nearly every business, customers are looking for you to engage with them in creative ways on their favorite channels. By taking advantage of all these platforms have to offer, you can change how you think about marketing and networking, helping you get closer to converting your social media visits into leads and sales.

Here are six unique social media tactics to help you take advantage of everything that today's top three social media sites have to offer:


Facebook's business pages benefit from some paid on-site advertising. If it's within your budget, consider adding sponsored posts to boost your marketing reach on this popular social media site.

  1. Use Facebook Live for Your Next Event
    Are you hosting a meeting, product demonstration or special in-store event? Then you might want to consider using Facebook Live, a new feature that streams live video, to share the action as it unfolds. This function allows customers to watch the event even if they're far away, and information presented within the live stream can be used to encourage site visits and sales.
  2. Add Store Tabs
    You can add a "Store" tab to your company's Facebook profile to encourage direct purchases from your page. If you don't have a retail business, consider adding an email sign-up form to your page, instead, to help you convert "Likes" into permission-based email subscriptions.


YouTube offers strong search engine optimization power, thanks to its links with Google. As such, it's a good idea to create your own branded YouTube channel for your business. Once you start creating content, use plenty of relevant keywords to tag your videos to help potential customers find your creations.

  1. Post a Behind-the-Scenes Video
    Consider giving your audience unique insight into how your products are made or the people that service your clients. After all, customers love behind-the-scenes peeks into their favorite businesses — just make sure that you don't share any secrets that you wouldn't want your competitors to access.
  2. Share How-To Videos
    Customers crave how-to content. You can take advantage of this trend by creating videos that show your customers how to perform a task that relates to your business. For example, an auto shop can show viewers the proper way to check a car's oil level, or a chiropractor can demonstrate proper lifting techniques to avoid back injuries.


  1. Share Pictures
    Sure, Twitter users love the platform's short, staccato messages, but pictures allow you to really stand out. As such, consider sharing memes or original images to help engage your target audience.
  2. Create a Tweet Series
    Tweet a series of messages that customers have to follow until they get to the end, where a special offer rewards them for loyally completing the series.

Be sure to check each site's terms of use, typically presented when you create an account, to help ensure your campaign conforms with any applicable rules. By taking advantage of these unique social media capabilities, you can establish a strong social platform presence to help you gain sales and leads.

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