Sometimes you need a little business inspiration to spot new opportunities, design never-before-considered solutions and recognize untapped potential. When you're looking to create revolutionary strategies, you may feel tempted to turn to colleagues and mentors in your own line of work. But it's important to remember that the feedback and ideas you hear from those outside of your field may be more likely to spark your creativity.

Here are some ways in which you can translate lessons learned from other industries into unique, relevant business insights:

  • Artists
    By studying some of the world's greatest creators, you can gain a better understanding of how to go about finding inspiration in everyday objects and experiences. As NPR points out, Claude Monet's "Water Lilies" series was very much inspired by the time he spent in his personal garden. Consider some new perspectives, whether it's just an afternoon walk outside the office or a move to a new location.
  • Musicians
    Many performers can serve as ideal case studies for personal branding. As Rolling Stone points out, Freddie Mercury, the lead singer for the band Queen, transformed from a shy boy named Farrokh Bulsara into a legendary performer. What could a rebranding of your small business do for your success?
  • Teachers
    Teachers help their students understand topics by breaking the information down into simple building blocks. Famous educator Jaime Escalante, who was profiled in the movie "Stand and Deliver," took a variety of new and different approaches to help his troubled students excel, as Biography reports. Similarly, you can try splitting a particular business challenge into separate, manageable pieces to help you surpass seemingly insurmountable holdups and think outside of the box.
  • Explorers
    If you're venturing into new industries, markets or geographic areas, you can seek out inspiration from historical figures, such as Lewis and Clark or Nordic explorer Leif Eriksson, who had the passion and courage to step into unknown territory.
  • Scientists
    According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, scientists spent years trying to determine how to harness the power of life-changing drugs such as penicillin or mechlorethamine before these discoveries began to generate revenue for the creators. Business owners can take a page out of this book by implementing a scientific method approach to problem-solving, using trial-and-error practices to find innovative, unique solutions.
  • Leaders in Other Industries
    You should take advantage of opportunities to gain business inspiration from other fields. For example, you can read magazines, attend conferences or subscribe to podcasts that can help you get a better sense of how different industries are handling their own unique problems. By analyzing their strategies, you can determine ways in which to apply these tactics to your own business.

By looking to a variety of different types of creatives for business inspiration, you can incorporate some unique insights into your overall plan.

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