It takes more than happenstance and good luck for a business to become successful. As such, small business owners must put a variety of practices into place to ensure that their company is growing at a desirable rate.

Here are six habits of successful small business owners:

1. They Walk the Talk

The culture, climate, mission and values of a small business flow from the top down. If your actions are at odds with your words, then you lose credibility. By practicing what you preach, you can guard your reputation and trustworthiness.

2. They Reflect and Organize

As the head of a small business, you're responsible for seeing the big picture and using that vantage point to set your company's direction. Some of the most successful leaders are those who have a strong understanding of details, but can also zoom out to see the larger strategic landscape. As such, it's essential that you take the time to reflect upon your entire business model so you can update your priorities accordingly.

3. They Develop People

A successful small business leader develops his or her employees and prepares them to take on more challenging roles. In order to become this type of figure, you must give your employees space to make the occasional mistake, challenge them to move outside of their comfort zones (while providing them with the necessary support) and share your own valuable experiences and lessons.

4. They Keep Their Ears to the Ground

Successful small business owners are constantly aware of what's happening throughout their company. They keep their finger on the overall pulse of their business in multiple ways. For example, they make an effort to talk to each of their individual employees, soaking in all the information they can from group meetings and develop strong team relationships.

5. They Network Inside and Outside

Great business leaders constantly strive to increase their knowledge of their industry. They leverage powerful networking skills when they're in the process of hiring a new employee, looking for opinions about a potential supplier or need additional help. Small business leaders are both connectors and influencers. As such, one of their most crucial skills is staying aware of industry trends.

6. They Constantly Seek Opportunity

Successful small business leaders don't know the meaning of the word "complacency." They are constantly and aggressively on the lookout for the next opportunity to help grow their company, whether it means changing to a better supplier, hiring outside talent, bringing in modern technology or attracting a great new customer.

By putting these habits of successful small business owners into place, you help position yourself for growing your business and establishing your name.

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