Consumers want products and services at their convenience and quick answers to their questions — or, in other words, on demand. Technology and the use of smartphones and tablets are fueling the on-demand business economy, according to Business Insider. On-demand services are used for transportation and delivery services (such as Uber), food service, customer service, supply-chain management and much more. This movement will affect how businesses operate and will create many opportunities to streamline operations. The following are three areas where your small business may want to utilize on-demand services in order to better suit your operations:

1. On-Demand Support for Your Website

Customers want quick and efficient customer service and sometimes need help when you or your employees are not available. This especially rings true when you operate a small-business website. Fortunately, there are many on-demand business vendors on the market that offer software solutions, including live chat sessions, to assist your customers while they shop or browse for products on your website. Many vendors include live video chats and help desk support options. This can be particularly beneficial to small businesses with limited resources to help ensure the best customer service around the clock.

2. On-Demand Call Center

TMCnet and some other media companies consider an on-demand call center to be a vital resource for small businesses. When a customer calls or contacts your company, he or she expects an answer — quickly. If you can't respond to your customers in a timely manner, customer service may decline, along with customer satisfaction. However, many cloud-based solutions or virtual call centers that can assist your business with inbound and outbound calls, customer service, IT support and marketing efforts are available on the market. This option does not require infrastructure, which small businesses commonly lack.

3. On-Demand Staffing

On-demand business staffing solutions can also provide your small business with temporary help and save your business money. With additional help during peak seasons, holidays or events, you can save the cost of a full-time hire. For instance, if you need extra help with cleanup after a special promotional event but your business does not require year-round cleaning personnel, you can hire temporary help just for this event. This on-demand solution offers the flexibility necessary for small businesses with fluctuating needs.

By implementing one of these three solutions, you will be on your way to streamlining your operations. Further, it may pay off to follow the on-demand business movement to be ready for the opportunities that lie ahead.

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