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pensive young black man lost in thought holding mobile phone

Company Culture

4 Important Considerations Influencing Workers Right Now

How people think and feel about work has changed and will continue to change. These shifts in workers' perspectives aren't solely a result of the

A woman professional leads her colleagues in discussion as they all sit around a conference table

Diversity and Inclusion

Celebrating Women at Work, Beyond Women's History Month

How can you celebrate women at work beyond women's history month and improve your employee experience all year? Here are six strategies to get started.

Mayumi Young founder and CEO of CPA Moms

Diversity and Inclusion

How This Visionary Woman Entrepreneur Built a Virtual CPA Business for Moms

Learn how this woman entrepreneur and former international finance executive turned the care of mothers into a virtual business for CPAs who are moms.

A young Black woman talks on phone in office hallway discussing how to build a diverse workforce

Corporate and Social Responsibility

How to Build a Diverse Workforce by Engaging Younger Generations

Employers wondering how to build a diverse workforce should consider finding ways to improve young people's access to education and experience.

A woman sits at a desk looking exasperated

Diversity and Inclusion

Prioritizing the ADA and Mental Health Helps Employees Feel Safe and Be Productive

The ADA and mental health are often misunderstood. Business leaders must understand how to make workplace accommodations for psychiatric conditions.

ADP Women in STEM banner


ADP Women in STEM Profile: Dr. Raji

Dr. Raji came from a family in which both of her parents did not receive high school diplomas. I believed a STEM career could make a difference.

small business compliance employee handbook


Legislative Trends: Hairstyle Discrimination in the Workplace

Eye on Washington's series focuses on the latest HR regulatory trends taking place at the federal, state and local level. Topics include tax and HR...

Associates discuss what it means to be an ally for mental health

Diversity and Inclusion

What Does It Mean to Be an Ally for Women's Mental Health in the Workplace?

At the Women@Work conference, industry experts offered insights on how to be an ally for women's mental health in the workplace.

A veteran and businessman shaking hands with US flag in background

Diversity and Inclusion

Transitioning From the Military to Business: What Winning Vets Bring to the Private Sector

Veterans transitioning from military to business roles can contribute much to your business and may be among your most capable and dependable employees.

ADP Women in STEM banner

Diversity and Inclusion

ADP Women in STEM Profile: Tashina Charagi

ADP Women in STEM, Tashina Charagi, grew up in Bombay, India, on the grounds of a research institute. Both her parents were academicians

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