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Ben Eubanks

Ben Eubanks 

Ben Eubanks is the Principal Analyst at Lighthouse, developing research and insights for today's talent leaders and HCM vendor partners. He also has hands-on experience working as an HR executive, leading both strategic and tactical talent practices. In addition, he runs, a website serving HR and talent leaders that has reached more than 600,000 readers since its inception.

Latest Articles  by  Ben 

Two little, colorful robots on the street.

Trends and Innovation

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Artificial Intelligence Tablet

Trends and Innovation

Automation, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence Development: Is Your Business Ready?

An employee satisfaction survey.

Recruiting and Hiring

Hacking the Onboarding Process to Provide a Positive Employee Experience

A sick man spends the day at home.

People Management and Growth

Are Your Employee Absence Management Policies Encouraging Presenteeism?

Employee Well-Being

People Management and Growth

Employee Well-Being: You Don't Just Need Happy Employees, You Need Productive Ones

employee recognition

People Management and Growth

Creating a Culture of Employee Recognition Is Less Complicated Than You Probably Think

Here's Why Open Enrollment Matters to Finance Leaders

Compensation and Benefits

Open Enrollment 2018: Here's Why Open Enrollment Matters to Finance Leaders

Skills Gap Analysis

Trends and Innovation

Skills Gap Analysis: The $800,000 Problem Your Business Needs to Solve

Is Financial Wellness the Answer to Worker Stress?

People Management and Growth

Is Financial Wellness the Answer to Worker Stress?

Mobile Payroll: Delivering Strategic Value

Payroll Processing

Mobile Payroll and Workforce Management: Delivering Strategic Value to Organizations and Workers

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