May 2024: Detailed Look at State, Local, and Federal Updates

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Timely, topical insights on a variety of payroll and reporting issues.

Check out our monthly Eye on Washington series that focuses on timely, topical insights on various payroll and reporting issues at the state, local, and federal levels. This edition covers regulatory and legislative updates in benefits, leave, payroll, and time and labor.

The highlighted states include California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Washington.

It also provides information on the latest minimum wage announcements and updates on the payroll tax deposit timeline for equity compensation, EEOC guidance on anti-harassment protections, and IRS 2025 HSA and HDHP limits.

Topics Covered In This Issue


  • Reminder: California Workplace Violence Prevention Requirements Take Effect Soon
  • Florida Amends Hours-of-Work Restrictions on Certain Minors
  • Illinois Releases Regulations on Paid Leave Law
  • Maryland Modifies Wage Statement Requirements and Adds New Hire Notice Mandate
  • New York State Adds Paid Protections to Express Milk
  • New York State Requires Paid Prenatal Leave
  • Oregon Aligns State Family Leave Act and Paid Leave Laws
  • Utah Broadens Employee Religious Protections in the Workplace
  • Washington State Requires Retirement Program


  • Anne Arundel County, Maryland Enacts Ordinance Prohibiting Discrimination
  • Chicago Issues Final Rule on Paid Leave Requirements
  • Lehigh County, Pennsylvania Adds Nondiscrimination, Salary History and Criminal Record Protections

Minimum Wage

  • Minimum Wage Announcements 4/26/24 – 5/20/24


  • Payroll Tax Deposit Timeline for Equity Compensation Shortened
  • EEOC Updates Guidance on Anti-Harassment Protections
  • IRS Releases 2025 HSA and HDHP Limits

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