[Video] Growing Focus on Construction Hiring

group of construction workers carrying heavy panel at worksite

Construction leaders should focus on pay practices and training in an ever-competitive talent landscape.

In this Workforce News Minute, Kit Dickson, Operations Executive, ADP, shares two focus areas for construction hiring managers looking to attract – and retain – top talent. Download our guide: Five key challenges shaping the construction industry and how to handle them

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Video transcript

The focus is really on the knowledge economy and people are going to college and graduate studies to pursue working in the knowledge economy.

The average age in construction is over 42 years old and it's not being backfilled by younger workers. It's creating this concern in the industry of having what happens when these workers exit.

So while that can be obviously a challenge, the best employers are going to treat it as an opportunity to really figure out how they can be that employer of choice. And there's really two areas I would focus on.

First, look at your pay policies.

And pay is not only the wage you're paying, which is obviously very important in construction hiring, but also any benefits that you're offering to the employees, whether it's medical, dental, training, tool pay, whatever you need to do to be more competitive and be more desirable to these highly coveted construction workers.

You need to also look at your pay scale relative, not only in your town, but start looking more broadly. Construction companies are looking to identify workers regardless of geography and willing to pay relocation fees.

The second area of focus on is training.

You want to obviously give the employees the right skills and utilities to be successful in their current job, but also give them a path of professional development and upskilling opportunities so that they can be successful as they grow with your organization into the future.