June 2022: Detailed Look at State, Local and Federal Updates

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Timely, topical insights on a variety of payroll and reporting issues.

Check out our monthly Eye on Washington series that focuses on timely, topical insights on a variety of payroll and reporting issues at the state, local, and federal level. In this edition, we're covering regulatory and legislative updates in benefits, leave, payroll, and time and labor including the latest updates related to coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The highlighted states include California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. It also includes information on USCIS employment authorization extensions and IRS 2022 business and medical use mid-year milage rates.

Topics Covered In This Issue


  • California Supreme Court Rules Missed Break Payments Are Wages
  • Connecticut Protects Employees from Required Political/Religious Meetings at Work
  • Florida Restricts Employee Training on Certain Concepts
  • Georgia Clarifies Independent Contractor Test for Unemployment Benefits
  • Illinois Amends Rules for Day of Rest and Meal Periods
  • Illinois Expands Bereavement Leave Law
  • Minnesota Requires Employers to Provide Notice of Frontline Worker Pay
  • Pennsylvania Adopts Final Rule on Regular Rate for Salaried Nonexempt Employees and Final Rule for Tipped Employees
  • Tennessee Prohibits Natural Immunity Discrimination, Sets COVID-19 Laws Sunset Date
  • Tennessee Prohibits Subminimum Wages
  • Tennessee Requires Time Off for Veterans Day


  • Bloomington, Minnesota, Requires Employers to Provide Sick Leave
  • Chicago Announces Increase to Minimum Wage
  • Cook County Minimum Wage Increase Effective July 1
  • Foster City, California, Establishes Minimum Wage
  • New York City Clarifies and Delays Pay Transparency Law
  • West Hollywood, California, Amends Minimum Wage and Leave Ordinance


  • Automatic Extension Period for Certain Employment Authorizations Increased
  • IRS Adjusts Business Use Mileage Reimbursement Rate Mid-Year
  • IRS Increases Medical Mileage Rate Mid-Year

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