Addressing the Challenges of Managing Employees in Both the U.S. and Canada

Addressing the Challenges of Managing Employees in Both the US and Canada

Ask about these four levels of support when considering a cross-border HCM solution.

Payroll and compliance regulations are not the same across the United States (U.S.) and Canada; each country has their own set of complex rules and policies. Therefore, management can be time consuming and challenging, particularly if the data for those country-specific employee populations are in separate systems.

Consolidating HR, payroll and benefits administration processes on a single online platform can offer a more efficient and compliant experience.

The importance of local support

When researching providers of a cross-border HR and payroll technology solution, in addition to seeking a consolidated platform, it's critical to ask about the level of local service and support. Access to country-specific resources payroll and HR practitioners as well as employees helps minimize risks and improve compliance with varied employment laws.

Asking the right questions when evaluating vendors

Does the prospective partner provide the following?

  • Implementation specialists in both countries
  • Designated U.S. and Canadian account managers who can provide local knowledge and support to company practitioners
  • Country based payroll specialists to offer best practices and compliance assistance, in addition to addressing any issues of system function and technology
  • Phone support for U.S. and Canadian worksite employees and managers

"One of the biggest pain points that we had before we moved over to ADP was managing employee data. Previously, we had to maintain two sets of employee information for our U.S. and Canadian employees. Cross border solutions helped us consolidate all employee details into one database which is easier to maintain."
- JC Dalumpines, Accounts Payable and Expense Manager at StackAdapt

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