A Not-for-Profit Financial Entity Takes Learning to a Higher Level

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Learn how Dade County Federal Credit Union solved their complicated learning compliance challenges with a custom combination of HCM platforms.

As a financial institution, the Dade County Federal Credit Union must meet the banking industry's stringent federal and state compliance regulations. On a separate front, it also must ensure that its customer-facing employees are fully prepared to deliver service at the highest possible level.

Combine those mission-critical goals of compliance and customer service, and it's clear why an effective, user-friendly learning platform is a necessity for Dade County Federal. In late 2019 the organization — a not-for-profit entity owned by its members — understood it was time to upgrade its outdated, cumbersome learning management system (LMS) strategy.

Soon thereafter, Dade County Federal, an ADP Workforce Now® client, turned to the Brainier LMS, known for its flexibility and innovative learning approach. Purchased through ADP Marketplace, a digital HR storefront that allows ADP® clients to customize their HCM ecosystem, Brainier easily integrated with Dade County Federal's ADP platform.

"We reached out to our ADP representative and after reviewing three or four potential options, we chose Brainier," says Adam Albrecht, Dade County Federal's manager of training and development.

Albrecht says implementing and integrating Brainier has been a success. For instance, the process of porting the employee user database to Brainier went "very, very smoothly," as did rolling out the platform to Dade County Federal's entire workforce of 270 employees. He explains that prior to Brainier, Dade County Federal used one LMS to manage and track in-person training and another for online training. Having two disparate systems was no longer effective nor efficient. "We were looking for something that had everything in one place. That was a key factor in choosing Brainier," he says.

One potential complication was how to prove that training has occurred and the workforce is current on critical regulatory issues. Dade County Federal relied on training content from a trusted third-party vendor, which turned out to be no problem at all.

"Adding the compliance courses from our third party is a very smooth process; it literally takes minutes," Albrecht says, adding that if and when, for example, auditors ask for a list of employees who have completed certain compliance classes, Dade County Federal is ready with accurate data.

Dade County Federal uses Brainier to administer compliance learning required for all new hires — such as anti-harassment, robbery and ethics — as well as annual required compliance training for all staff. It also offers training to educate employees regarding Dade County Federal product offerings and other online courses that help bolster the organization's member service strategy.

Albrecht especially likes the integration with ADP Workforce Now because his department doesn't, for example, have to create new users in Brainier — they're already loaded into the system through ADP.

"It really does eliminate a lot of hurdles; it also saves time," he says, noting that Brainier is more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing than the previous LMS platforms. It also offers badges and other incentives to reward employees for their learning achievements — a new feature from the previous learning approach. "We're giving employees something they may actually want to log into, as opposed to something they have to log into," he says.

On the service side, should a technical issue occur, Albrecht says the Brainier support team reaches out within the hour.

"I've never actually had to pick up the phone and call them because they respond by email so quickly," he says, adding that Brainier also offers monthly webinars to demonstrate new features or system enhancements.

Albrecht says he makes sure his entire training staff, himself included, utilizes those webinars so they can maximize the platform's capabilities. He adds that his staff is using about 85% of Brainier's current feature set.

"We haven't had any negative feedback from our workforce," he says. "That's a clear indicator of how ADP and Brainier are making a positive difference."

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