The Future of Work in a Post-COVID World

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How have employers in different sectors been impacted and what is waiting for them?

The global workforce has experienced unprecedented change due to the global health event, as have the ways in which businesses work. While operational and financial hurdles are top-of-mind for organizations, managing the impact on employees is also crucial.

In Looking Beyond the Curve: Recovery and Engagement in the New World of Work, ADP's virtual summit in May 2020, one of the three keynote sessions addressed how employer and employee sectors have been impacted. The conversation, led by Ahu Yildirmaz, co-head of the ADP Research Institute® and VP of Corporate Strategy, offered workforce insights with an eye toward helping employers manage these significant changes. Yildirmaz directs economic and labor market research into crucial trends shaping today's working environments, leveraging insights gained from ADP's global employee sample of nearly 40 million workers worldwide.

The session, titled, "Redefining the Future of Work," introduces questions around the state of the economy, unanticipated changes to the global workforce, and where we go from here.

Additional summit sessions cover topics in more depth, including:

  • How does the current world of work compare to several months ago, and will we be able to recover?
  • How have employers in different sectors been impacted and what is waiting for them?
  • What has shifted in the workforce and have we reached the "new normal?"
  • What are employers experiencing with retaining their employees?
  • What data security implications should employers be concerned about?

To launch the virtual summit, visit the event website. Yildirmaz's session can be launched directly from this link.