Payroll Peace of Mind

Payroll Peace of Mind

Chief Insurance Officer and Co-founder of Surround Insurance, Kate Terry, realized early on that payroll paperwork and compliance was something that she did not have the time to learn or the know-how to manage. She knew she needed help, even before the 2018-founded insurance start-up had launched its first offering. Here is how Terry used ADP to ensure her new business was on the right track.

I didn't have the time

Once we were ready to start hiring employees, I realized we needed a payroll solution. I didn't have the time to do the additional HR work that was required. Writing a check from our corporate bank account meant I also had to calculate unemployment, state and federal taxes. I'm used to dealing with complex regulations in the insurance industry, so I knew there were a host of regulations around payroll that I'm not familiar with. I'm not an HR professional.

We needed help

First, we were looking for a vendor who was financially solvent and responsible. So, ADP's track record mattered a lot. Second, we needed there to be somebody to call when we needed help, somebody who knew Massachusetts. The fact that we could call ADP and get everything set up was key. I knew that the numbers would be right, the taxes would be paid directly and there was somebody to call if something was confusing. I didn't need to keep going in and checking to make sure taxes got paid or that people got paid appropriately. When we had questions, sometimes it was nights and weekends and someone always responded right away. ADP would tell me what I needed to do or they did what needed to be done.

Spending time building the business

With RUN Powered by ADP®, I don't have to worry about payroll, so that frees up my time. Things are pretty turnkey and automatic. I feel confident we are not going to have compliance or tax issues. We like peace of mind around here. It allows me to spend time building the business, which at the end of the day is the thing I have to do to make sure we can keep paying those paychecks.

Company Vitals

  • Name: Surround Insurance
  • Industry: Insurance
  • Established: 2019
  • Owner(s): Kate Terry, Jay Grayson
  • Employees: 7
  • Locations: 1
  • Headquarters: Cambridge, MA
  • Website:
  • Business Challenge: Managing payroll and tax compliance for a Massachusetts-based start-up.
  • How ADP Helped: RUN Powered by ADP® automatically calculates and withholds taxes for the business and employees.

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