What We're #WorkingFor

Always Designing for People

ADP launches a new brand identity and tagline of "Always Designing for People."

It's no secret that the needs of the workforce are evolving. From the impact of the gig economy and flexible work arrangements, to critical discussions around equitable pay and work-life balance -- today's business leaders are heavily focused on the deep impact work has on people and how to help them achieve something greater.

As we approach our 70th anniversary, ADP recently looked at our own legacy of innovation and insight into the design of the employee experience and asked ourselves, "What are we working for?" The clear underlying truth is that we are always designing for people. As an organization that impacts the daily lives of more than 40 million people globally, we seek to help them reach their full potential by offering products, services and experiences they will love to use every day.

To bring what we stand for to life, today we are launching a new brand identity and tagline of "Always Designing for People." This platform further defines our approach to continuous innovation in order to help people work smarter, embrace new challenges and unleash their talent. With this new identity comes a refreshed brand manifesto that also launches today in a multifaceted advertising campaign called "What Are You #WorkingFor?".

"What Are You #WorkingFor?" aims to spark new, positive dialogue around the way we work and what drives people. The campaign will appear across print, out-of-home, TV, online video and social media.

This is an exciting time to rethink a better, more personalized way to work because the things we work for are what define us. I invite you to learn more about our new global brand identity and campaign here.

Always Designing for People