Roman Healthcare Group: Managing Multi-State Payroll With Ease

Roman Healthcare Group: Managing Multi-State Payroll With Ease

"ADP was so much easier. Everything was in one place." - Mike Griffis, Roman Healthcare Group

Mike Griffis wears many hats at the Roman Healthcare Group, an executive search firm for medical facilities. He is the office manager, accounting manager and Human Resources manager, meaning that among his many duties is overseeing payroll. When he arrived in January 2017, the firm was undergoing rapid growth, adding stress to an already inefficient payroll process. He knew he was going to need help, but finding the right partner took time. Here's the story in Mike's words:

Payroll Was Always a Hassle

I joined the company in January 2017. We had an accountant who was running the books, but payroll was always a hassle. They had doubled their staff in 2016 and moved from Georgia to a larger office in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They also had employees in Alabama, Florida and Pennsylvania, which made things really complicated. None of those taxes were being paid correctly or on time.

The process was not efficient. The accountant would give the owner the amounts to write the checks for, and then the employees would get those checks … someday. The accountant kept telling the CEO he needed to hire someone else, because the company had grown so much that it was beyond his capabilities.

Our accountant suggested a certain payroll provider, and they helped us set up some of the different tax accounts, because we weren't even set up in the different states. So they initially set us up, but they didn't pay them on time, and we ended up incurring some extra fees for that.

It was just a lot easier with ADP

That's when we switched from the other company to ADP, and ADP was so much easier. Everything was in one place. There have been no late fees. The former payroll procesor would call and enter the payroll for me, whereas with ADP, I can do the payroll myself any day before payday. The interface is incredibly easy to use. And the employees like being able to go online and see their check stubs without having to bother me for them. That's a nice convenience.

Before, we didn't offer any benefits. One of the perks of ADP was the ability to offer health insurance which is available through their licensed affiliate, Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency*. I have added AFLAC for my employees, and I was able to do it pretty smoothly. I also use the HR411® feature to set up my employee handbook. When I signed up with the other payroll provider it was a hassle from the start, and it was just a lot easier with ADP.

Company Vitals

  • Name: Roman Healthcare Group
  • Industry: Executive recruitment
  • Established: 2008
  • Owner: Greg Musto
  • Employees: 14
  • Locations: 1
  • Headquarters: Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Website:
  • Business Challenge: Managing payroll and tax compliance for a fast-growing and geographically dispersed workforce
  • How ADP Helped: RUN Powered by ADP® automatically calculates and withholds the proper taxes for employees in every state.

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