How to Make Your Temporary Staffing Employees Feel Like Part of the Team

How to Make Your Temporary Staffing Employees Feel Like Part of the Team

If you're hiring temporary employees for seasonal or short-term projects, making these workers feel like part of the team will enhance the experience for everyone involved.

Permanent or not, an engaged worker is a happy and productive worker. Here are five steps for making temporary staffing employees feel valued.

Have an Onboarding Procedure

Welcome your temporary employee in the same way you would if they were a full-time member of your team. This includes giving them a tour of facility, assigning them a buddy or mentor who can answer their questions and sharing office policies and procedures like hours, parking and payday. Be sure to provide any pertinent training that's unique to your office, and review relevant HR policies with them one on one.

Make Introductions to Your Current Team

While it can sometimes feel awkward for temporary workers to engage with permanent employees, it doesn't have to be. Provide introductions to all of the people with whom they'll be working. On their first day, consider hosting a lunch where they can talk informally. Just because the relationship isn't long-term doesn't mean that coworkers shouldn't get to know each other.

Give Them Tools

Seasonal or contract employees shouldn't feel temporary while they're there. Give them all the tools they'll need to succeed. Whenever possible, provide them with their own dedicated workstation. Consider giving them supplies, intranet access and an employee badge with appropriate security clearance.

Include Them in Meetings

Team members hired through temporary staffing services are usually brought on for a single purpose, and for this reason, managers might choose to not include them in meetings. This could be a mistake. To feel valued, you need to understand how your work fits with the rest of the organization. Include temporary employees in team meetings and ask for their input. If you have group lunches or outings, invite them to join in. This will give them a chance to get to know the rest of the team better, improving working relationships.

Foster Good Conversations

Just like any employee, a temporary staff member wants to know how they're doing. Recognizing contributions can go a long way toward making someone feel valued. Not only will compliments and feedback help them improve their performance, they'll also inspire them to work harder. And make sure conversations go both ways by inviting temporary staff members to offer feedback of their own. Many have diverse backgrounds and can bring unique perspectives. Asking for their input and opinions will show that you value their contribution.

By taking the time to treat temporary staff members like a part of the team, you create a great working relationship and build your talent pipeline. That seasonal worker just might become your new full-time hire when an opening becomes available, helping you recruit great talent in a short amount of time.