How Mobile Tech Can Build Employee Engagement

mobile tech employee engagement

Mobile tech could hold the key to increased productivity and engagement.

Roughly 70 percent of Americans are disengaged at work, according to Gallup's "State of the American Workplace" survey. Clearly, disengagement is a big problem, and solving it is no simple task. Employers today are further challenged with managing the needs and expectations of employees that span three distinct generations: millennials, Generation X and baby boomers.

Mobile technology may hold the key to improving business performance. What does mobile tech have to do with employee engagement? A study by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) titled, Mobility, Performance and Engagement, uncovered a link. Workers who describe their employer as a mobile enablement "pioneer" have productivity rates 16 percent higher than those described as low on mobile tech support. Employee satisfaction (23 percent), creativity (18 percent) and loyalty (21 percent) rates are also higher. A 16 percent productivity increase is substantial — it amounts to eight weeks of increased productivity from each 40-hour work week employee.

The Future of Work

Smartphones have changed the way we live and work. Seventy-seven percent of Americans of all ages own one, according to Pew Institute, including most adults under age 65 (over 74 percent), and nearly half (42 percent) of those over 65.

Having information at your fingertips virtually anywhere is now the norm. Sitting behind a desk all day is becoming obsolete. People are able to connect and exchange information across the globe in real time. Mobile tech allows employees to work how, when, and where they want. Mobile technology supports the future of work.

Technology is not just for millennials. When the EIU analyzed the productivity data across workers ages 18 to 65, it found that higher productivity was not tied to any specific age group. Instead, it was linked to whether the employee was a mobile technology early adopter.

Mobile Tech Helps Employees Work Better

Organizations with policies that allow employees to work remotely, use their own device and offer flexible work time can drive better employee performance. Research finds gains in employee satisfaction and productivity from the mobile enablement "pioneer" organizations:

  • Ability to work anywhere, anytime: more productive (49 percent) and satisfied (38 percent)
  • Ability to effectively collaborate: more productive (21 percent) and satisfied (30 percent)
  • Quick and easy access to information: more productive (42 percent) and satisfied (31 percent)
  • Workplace flexibility: more productive (14 percent) and satisfied (27 percent)

In the new world of work, employees' expectations have changed. Attracting, retaining and keeping employees engaged requires working practices that meet their needs. Organizations can create a better employee experience through mobile technology that enables them to work the way they prefer.

Using Mobile Technology to Transform the Benefits Experience

With the workplace environment transforming beyond physical space and "9 to 5" business hours, delivery of benefits information is also evolving. We live in a world accustomed to being plugged in and able to access almost anything, anytime and anywhere.

Consequently, traditional delivery of benefits information no longer meets employees' needs. Today's employers need automated, intelligent workforce solutions that deliver information to employees virtually — and virtually anywhere. The information needs to be engaging and convenient, like ADP's Mobile App. Using mobile to engage employees can make a difference — especially when it comes to saving for retirement.

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