World Wide Technology Turns to ADP to Simplify HR Processes and Support Future Growth

World Wide Technology Turns to ADP

Over the past 27 years, World Wide Technology (WWT) has grown from a small product reseller into a technology solution provider.

Over the past 27 years, World Wide Technology (WWT) has grown from a small product reseller into a technology solution provider with more than $9 billion in annual revenue and more than 4,500 employees operating in 10 countries.

To keep up with its rapid growth, the company realized it needed a human capital management (HCM) system that was flexible and scalable. As such, it turned to ADP and decided to implement ADP Vantage HCM and ADP Streamline.

"Our plan is to add another 4,500 employees in the next five years," said Ann Marr, vice president of Global Human Resources at WWT. "We knew the old systems we had in place wouldn't be able to handle more employees and we'd end up hiring more people to do processes that could easily be automated. With ADP, we'll be able to eliminate manual processes and dual data entry which will save time, reduce errors and increase efficiencies. Right now, we're still using spreadsheets in some countries so we're thrilled ADP will help us consolidate processes across the globe."

Prior to ADP, WWT was using multiple vendors to fulfill its HCM needs which led to limited visibility into its workforce data.

"Now that we have a fully integrated HCM solution where our payroll, HR, benefits and recruiting data talks to each other, we'll have a complete picture of our entire workforce worldwide," added Marr. "With greater visibility into our data, we'll be able to make better informed workforce decisions and be better able to provide strategic counsel to our executives. We're also excited to tap into the real-time compensation data provided by ADP. Previously, we were relying on an outside vendor for salary information which quickly becomes outdated."

Another benefit for WWT has been providing employees with more hands-on management of their payroll, benefits and HR data. With self-service tools, WWT employees will now be able to access their information, anytime, anywhere via their mobile device.

"A division of our company develops apps, so our employees expect that control and flexibility in everything they do especially since many of them travel or work from home," said Marr. "We used to get tons of employee questions via email and phone about things like voluntary benefits elections but now employees will have more ownership and immediacy. If they are meeting with their financial advisor or insurance broker they can tap into that information after business hours, whenever they need it."

With about 500 jobs currently posted, WWT has also been recruiting aggressively both nationally and globally. The company is relying on ADP's Recruiting solution to gain maximum visibility among top candidates to improve and speed up the hiring process, said Marr.

Ed Flynn, president of ADP Global Enterprise Solutions, said he's excited that ADP can help support WWT's rapid growth plans.

"I'm delighted that WWT has turned to ADP as their global HCM provider," said Flynn. "Our goal is to help organizations simplify administrative work, manage costs and reduce risk so they can focus more on developing and retaining talent while growing their business."

Marr said she is also excited about the added expertise that ADP brings with The Hackett Group¨ and ADP Strategic Advisory Services.

"We've done communications and compliance workshops so far with the Strategic Advisory group that were hugely beneficial and we love learning about how similar ADP clients are tackling the same issues we may face," Marr commented. "The services of the Hackett Group have also been invaluable as they helped examine our processes to ensure we don't run into any problems with implementation and have shared best practices."

"While implementation is always time consuming, it's been a positive experience so far with ADP," said Marr. "We are still an entrepreneurial company and ADP understands our need for a flexible solution that can grow as we do. If there's ever an issue we work through it and ADP helps us find a solution. That's exactly the kind of partner we've been looking for."